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My Leadership Capabilities Free Essays

According to me, leadership is a quality of an individual that makes him stand beyond the crowd. Leadership is all about organizing a group of people, understanding them, monitoring them, identifying amp; allocating them desired role, getting the best work done out of them amp; lastly reward them. The main objective of the leader is to get the best out of his team in order to meet the goals of an organization. We will write a custom essay sample on My Leadership Capabilities or any similar topic only for you Order Now Perhaps different leaders have different methodology but their objective has always been same.Our group mutually agreed on the following skills which we strongly believe a leader should perceive. 1. Interpersonal Skills: It includes the positive attitude, manners, gestures amp; behavior of a good leader. A good leader should use these interpersonal skills to solve the conflicts in the group amp; to maintain peace amp; discipline in the organization. 2. Communication skills: A good leader demonstrates communication skills as being a good listener amp; speaker. There shouldn’t be communication barrier between a leader amp; his subordinates.The meaning of words should be easily understood by both leader amp; the teammates in order to carry the workflow smoothly. 3. Relationships: Trust is the base of each amp; every relationship. In order to maintain a good relationship a leader should first understand needs of his teammates which will help him to allocate suitable role to that individual. A good leader should associate with his subordinates; develop the interpersonal relationships amp; feeling of belongingness. 4. Motivation: A good leader should always ignite the fire in his subordinates in order to meet the desired goal amp; objective of the organization.Leaders are responsible for building confidence in their teams amp; setting an example of their own in order to inspire their team. 5. Time management: â€Å"TIME IS AN ETERNITY† says SHIV KHERA. Time is the most vital factor in life; a good leader should always set an example of utilizing the given time amp; giving the best out of it. 6. Decision maker: Making the right decision at the right time is the most vital characteristics of a good leader. Keeping in mind the mission amp; vision of an organization, being loyal amp; ethical; decisions should be made by a leader in order to meet the goals of an organization. 7.Constructive feedback: It’s very important for a good leader to provide his team with constructive feedback from time to time. Correct feedback helps teammates for future improvements amp; enhancements. After the feedback which I got from my team mates, I was a bit surprised amp; stunned as well, because I got to know my strengths amp; weaknesses more precisely also the areas where I need to improve. Considering interpersonal skill, my group feels I am very good at it. One of my team mates told me he just adores my greeting style like every morning I greet them wishing good morning amp; keeping a smile on my face.They told me this attitude of mine just drives them to a good start in the morning. Also they liked my positive attitude towards work which motivates them to complete their assignment within the given time limit. They explained me this point giving an example of when we were allocated a task to be completed within short span of time I was the first to take the initiative of being a team leader amp; taking responsibility on my shoulder, this positive attitude of mine motivated them amp; we manage to complete the task within the time limit giving the best out of us.Regarding communication skill my group feels that I am excellent at it, I completely agree with them. That’s probably because I have a very smooth communication with them , my gesture, body language, the way I speak is easily understood by them amp; also the vice versa is true. They also praised me for my excellent listening skills perhaps according to me that’s the most crucial factor a good leader should posses, I strongly believe in order to be a good speaker you first need to be a very good listener. My group feels I am good at maintaining relationships. One of my team mates told me he was very much surprised to notice my presence in his surprise birthday party. I have always maintained good relations with my team mates not only in the meetings or in the office but also beyond the office walls. Understanding my teammate’s needs has always been first on my priority list; it helps me in order to assign a particular task to the subordinate well suited for that task. It also helps me in making decisions to reward amp; promote my teammates.Maintaining a good relationship with your team helps in building trust in your team which ultimately results in best work out of your team. Also it’s very vital to maintain relationship with your teammates keeping in mind they don’t take it for granted perhaps then as a leader you won’t be able to get best out of them. My group feels I am good at motivating them in order to make them complete the assigned work in time. I strongly feel that a good leader should have motivational factor in abundance in order to motivate his team.My teammates told me they get very much motivated by the words I use when I am delivering speech. One of my teammates was nervous amp; frustrated because of the work load I told him about my own experience of life how I faced ups amp; downs in my life but every time keeping a smile on my face I had enjoyed those phase which brought smile on his face amp; he assured me hence forth whenever he shall be feeling low he will remember my experience amp; will go back to work amp; will deliver the best out of it.He had also thanked me publicly for the motivation I gave him. A good leader should always value the time because it’s well said ‘if you don’t value the time wont value you. ’ Perhaps this is where I need to improve a lot, my group feels that I am average in time management; I whole heartedly welcome their criticism. I have been told by my group that at time I am not punctual in the meetings, well I don’t blame them but for sure I will rectify it keeping in mind as a leader I need to set an example for them that has to be excellent amp; not just fair or average.My group feels I am good at making decisions, I agree to them because I have taken few decisions which were ironical to them but later on it proved to be beneficial to the organization. Perhaps keeping in mind the goals amp; setting ethical standards I need to improve in making decisions. When it comes to giving feedback I know I am a bit reserved because I don’t want to hurt anybody’s emotions or ethics. That’s why my group feels I am poor at giving feedbacks.A good leader should always give accurate feedback to his subordinates it helps them to improve in future also it furnish them with the compliments amp; rewards they get from the feedbacks which builds their confidence level. A good leader should always b e fair in giving feedback this is where I need to improve a lot because my feedbacks are always positive to all my team mates even if their work is not appropriate which hinders them to learn amp; improve in future. I strongly believe that life is a learning process amp; as a good leader I have always learn from whatever came on my way whether it’s a compliment or it’s a criticism. From the feedbacks I have learned that I need to be fair in giving feedbacks, I need to manage time well amp; I need to lead my team in a correct path which leads to achieving the desire goals amp; objectives of our organization.List of References 1. Mullins, L. (2010) MANAGMENT AND ORGINIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR, ninth edition, financial times prentice hall. 2. U. S. Air Force [online] available from http://www. legacee. com/Info/Leadership/Definitions. html How to cite My Leadership Capabilities, Papers

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