Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Individual project 1 lab science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Individual project 1 lab science - Essay Example nd water occurs as a result of percolation processes that involve water movements from the surface into the inner profiles below the earths surface where it is banked in aquifers. Ground water sources are, however, exhaustible where infiltration rates are reduced beyond extraction rates. Case studies of four regions were sampled and used in this study to analyze various human activities taking place in four cities. Human activities such as; urban sprawl, industrialization, and the extent of deforestation were then observed, surveyed and compared with data from secondary resources. Population data was acquired form the population tallying units for the four regions and interpolated against human activities and groundwater properties. Geological surveys were then conducted to determine the quality and quantity of ground water in the four regions, and his data was as well compared to past literature records. Precipitation data was acquired from the meteorological records from eight meteorological stations in the regions. The population of the four regions had consistently increased from 1980- 2000. There was also a remarkable increase in the extent of human activities over the earth’s surface such as agricultural expansions, expansion in the sizes of urban centers found in these regions as well as the establishment of more of such. Precipitation data from meteorological surveys showed reduced precipitation amounts over the period included in the study. Ground water surveys revealed reduced quantities as well as lowered PH, increased acidity. Human activities and climate change and variability are the prime threats to the existence of underground water resources. Mans activities such as deforestation reduce the rates of water infiltration by increasing surface runoffs, as a result, the groundwater banks diminish in size in such regions. Moreover, other human activities such as industrialization and pollution (Pahl-Wostl, 2007) are very detrimental to groundwater

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