Saturday, October 5, 2019

Tablet Devices and Comfort Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Tablet Devices and Comfort - Essay Example We have the slate tablet which is also referred to as the iPad.It has a touchscreen unit which and does not have a keyboard. Lastly, there is the rugged tablet that can stand all the rough handling by the students. They have hard drives that are usually shock protected. Some people argue that the tablet devices should replace the books that learners use in their classrooms. Using the tablets may have various disadvantages to the learners like the costs. Some of them are expensive and not each parent can afford to buy for their children. Background The tablet devices may have their advantages but some people choose to be against it. In the world today, the education system has been in the recent years become technological. Many learners now are able to use computers at school and at home. Looking at the question of using the traditional books that almost all the schools use, some parents and most students find it very hectic to move around carrying bags to schools. Some of the bags ar e very heavy and may cause the students to acquire diseases of the lower back. Both the books and the tablet devices have their advantages and the disadvantages. From the kindergarten to most universities in the world today, tablet devices are playing the biggest role in the education system.  Ã‚   The tablets may enhance their urge for going to school. With the use of tablets in schools, students are able to prepare themselves for the 21st-century workforce which uses the tablets for the smooth running of their work. Tablet devices may be seen as very costly as compared to the traditional books. Other than that, they have advantages to the parents and the learners. First of all, the tablet devices have apps. The apps are important and very efficient because whether the device is pointed to the sky or elsewhere, the educational apps make learning fun for many kids especially those in the elementary level. In the classroom settings, the use of the apps can be used by tutors who will give the learners the curiosity to learn more. The apps are used as a research tool for all the students especially in colleges (Jarrett and Su 25). If one compares the tablets and the traditional books, it is evident that the books are not very interesting and many learners don’t find it very interesting to use them in a classroom setting. Secondly, the tablet devices bring about interactiveness among the learners and all the teachers. The uses of the tablets that were used in the 20th century like the computers have video games that mostly bring the learners together. As a result of this, they learn and most of them think very differently. For a classroom to have the very interactive lesson, they need to have tablets which engage the students and thus giving them interactive experiences. These experiences cannot be found when the students just use books in the class. The tutor needs to have outside class activities in order for them to interact with the students.

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