Sunday, September 8, 2019

How Insurance Fraud and Abuse Affect the Community Essay

How Insurance Fraud and Abuse Affect the Community - Essay Example Through this, the instructor will have a brief idea of the perceptions that the learners have on insurance fraud, then reframe their ideas to produce a comprehensive discussion of the fraud. Secondly, the use of questions will help the learners think. As seen in the research conducted by Schoeberlein (2009), the use of questions has been fundamental in the teaching process. In the case of insurance fraud, the instructor may ask the learners to categorize different forms of insurance and how they think the same will impact their society. The instructor may then connect the ideas of the learners with real facts that will help the learners make sense of the course contents. The questions will also help the learners synthesize, make comparisons and even make generalizations on the course contents. Since a classroom comprises of different learners as Schoeberlein (2009) indicates, and fraud involves diverse forms as Beik (2012) writes, it is the role of the instructor to design the classroom in such a manner that will attract the attention of different learners. Evidently, insurance matters are complex and sensitive especially to the overall community especially in terms of increasing the funds the taxpayer pay from an increase in the premium pay (Green, 2012). The examples of insurance fraud are also myriad as Green (2012) writes. The fraud cases range from provider fraud that involves altering medical records, member fraud that involves giving wrong information to Medicare fraud that entails billing drugs that were not used and even sale of Medicare prescription card (Green, 2012). In this context, the instructor may categorize the learners based on their abilities, and teach each of the groups according to their learning speed. For instance, the fast learners may learn on th eir own through role play, while the slow learners may learn through a step by step process with the help of their instructor.

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